7 Cool ways to spark your creativity in midlife

Maybe you’ve been so focused on work and family that you haven’t had a chance to tap into your creative side or perhaps you’ve always been imaginative, but you’d like to try a new outlet.

Either way, a little inspiration could go a long way. Here are some fun ideas to spark your creativity in midlife.

7 Ways to spark your creativity in midlife Photo: Pexels

Free write

Find time to sit down with actual pen and paper and get out everything that’s on your mind — ideas, concerns, interests, to-dos.

Don’t overthink it, just get it out.

If you’re a doodler let that happen too. Let your mind wander and jot down whatever comes to you, then go back and read it over.

This can help you give you some creative direction and even solve any problems you’ve been having.

Some people suggest performing a brain dump in the morning when everything is fresh, and others suggest doing it to clear your mind before bed at night, but do what works best for you.

Find your opposites

If you’ve been stuck in a creative rut, try doing things that are the exact opposite of what you’re normally drawn to.

Read a book on a topic you know nothing about, visit a shop you’ve always walked right past, go to a movie of your least favorite genre.

You never know what you might discover about yourself by trying something completely new.

Take a class

Is there something you’ve always found interesting, but thought you wouldn’t be good at?

Perhaps something you’ve wanted to try but never had the time for?Something that others told you you couldn’t do?

Well, do it now.

There’s no time like the present to learn a new skill or find a new hobby.

Lots of community colleges and townships offer adult enrichment courses on such topics as painting, yoga, poetry, singing and more.

Check out what’s available near you and sign up for ANYTHING that piques your interest — do not limit yourself.

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7 Cool ways to spark your creativity in midlife Photo: Pexels

Build a vision board

Whether virtual or something material, create a vision board by compiling images that inspire you, move you and encourage you to reach your goals and become more wholly fulfilled.

You can use a site like Pinterest to collect articles and images from the Web all in one place, or you can get out some magazines and glue to create a board you can display somewhere you’ll see it every day.

Get outside

I’m not strictly the outdoorsy type, but there’s really nothing more inspiring than nature.

From the variegated tones on a spring tulip to the bright colors of a summer sunset or the foamy beauty of waves crashing on the shore, I can’t think of anything more awe-inspiring.

The great outdoors is such a wonderful reminder of the gifts we’ve been given, and can offer unparalleled motivation for using them.

Travel, travel, travel

Travel affords us the opportunity to experience life in a completely new and different way.

No matter whether you’re visiting the farthest reaches of the earth or the nearest big city to your home, if you keep your senses open, you’re bound to discover something that changes you.

Every time I come home from a trip, I’m ready to hit the kitchen and create a dish that takes me back to my previous destination.

Create a corner of your own

Find a cozy spot in your home and fill it with things that you truly love and feel moved by.

It’ll be a great place to meditate, pray, do your free writing, work on your vision board, research a new hobby or plan your next getaway.

And since you’ll be surrounded by things that make you FEEL something, you may just be pushed to start thinking outside of your box.

Any time is a good time to get your creative juices flowing but midlife is especially rife with inspiration. #creativity #midlife
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