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Journaling for self-discovery

Writing as therapy in midlife

These days, with the advent of self-publishing, you see a lot of people putting out books. Everyone’s a writer. And this should be an…


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Dealing with dry eyes in menopause

Dealing with dry eyes in menopause

Remember those old Ben Stein eye drop commercials? Well the comedian wasn’t exaggerating when he droned on about the discomforts of dry, red eyes….


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Tried and true solutions for age spots

Best remedies for age spots

Brown spots caused by hyper pigmentation are usually the result of excessive sun exposure combined with age. According to the Mayo Clinic, “Age spots are…

Disfrutar del cabello largo pasados los 50

Enjoying healthy long hair at 50+

Latinas love long hair and feel our long manes give us feminine power. Nowadays, unlike  previous generations, more women let their hair grow and…


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