Dressing your age over 50

There is no such thing as dressing your age over 50.

Dressing your age over 50

When it comes to age-appropriate clothes anything goes. That is, as long as you are honest with yourself and know what suits you best. At this age we don’t necessarily have to chase the latest trends! Just because a mini skirt looks great on someone else, it doesn’t mean it will flatter you.

You also don’t have to go to the “Ladies section” where you will often find matronly looking clothes. Feel free to shop at any department, yes, even at Misses, as you have a good understanding of who you are, what you like and which clothes express who you are.

At 50 or over, luckily, we care less and less what others think of us and are free to explore and make statements about ourselves. The way we speak and act; what we wear and how we style it speaks volumes about us.

I’m shy of 50 and now is when I finally appreciate who I am. Now I know what looks good and what looks ridiculous on me. I still wear jeans a lot. I dress them up or down and I feel great in them.

I’ve found that the key to dressing your age is picking comfy stylish garments. No, not sweatpants! I mean clothes that make you feel special, happy, pretty and that truly enhance your features and figure. Forget what’s in style right now, we are unique and clothes should accommodate us. Ask yourself what clothes bring out the best in you.

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Dressing your age over 50

The clothes I choose are versatile, fun, original and laidback. When I shop I rarely wonder whether it’s age appropriate. I ask myself if the garment or accessory really conveys who I am. I’m a teacher and recently my teen students and younger colleagues were stunned when I told them my age. They exclaimed: “But you look younger! It must be the clothes you wear! “

I don’t follow the clothing clichés for older people either. If fits, looks good, feel right, I’m wearing it! This too is the gift of age, being you and not giving into stereotypes or falling victim to style trends.

Here are some of my personal picks, and as you can see they don’t cry out “old person” or “ridiculous for your age.” My body type is small but there is something for every size …. and age. See my effortless beauty and style boards on Pinterest.

Dressing your age over 50

What’s your style and how do you dress your age? 😉

Laura Carbonell

Laura Carbonell is a bilingual and bicultural language teacher in San Francisco, the place she calls home. Born into a family of writers, she enjoys sharing her vision of empowerment and motivation online. She blogs at Onlifeandhope.com