7 Ways to achieve radiant skin in midlife

Beauty trends are ever-changing, aren’t they? Even more so than fashion, popular makeup looks seem to alter in the blink of an eye, possibly because in many cases it is much easier and more affordable to switch up your makeup routine than it is to overhaul your wardrobe. While, for the past few years, very full, obvious makeup looks complete with contouring and painted on brows have been on trend, lately a much more natural, no-makeup makeup look has been surfacing on Instagram, YouTube and in the pages of magazines.

How to achieve radiant skin
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It’s such a relief to see for those of us who don’t have thirty minutes or more every morning to paint on the perfect face. But, a fresh-faced look highlights natural skin and if your face is showing those well-earned signs of aging, figuring out how to pull off the look might take some tinkering. No worries, though — once you’ve discovered what makes and keeps your skin radiant, we bet you’ll have no trouble streamlining your daily makeup routine.

1.- Skincare first
As my own body has aged and changed and hormones fluctuate, I’ve discovered that sticking to old stand-bys is no longer an option, and you probably will too. When you start noticing changes in your skin and how it responds to your favorite products, it’s okay to stick it out for a few days or a week, but if your skin’s appearance suffers longer than that, it’s time to switch it up. Pay attention to the specific issues that you are experiencing and find products that address them. Then formulate a skincare routine that involves cleansing, exfoliating and most importantly, moisturizing. And if you don’t currently have or have never had a skincare routine, there’s no better time than the present.

2.- Consider seeing a dermatologist
A consultation with a dermatologist could help you pinpoint what your current skin type is (this can change over time) and what methods and products will be most effective for achieving health and vitality. Even if you don’t end up using pricey products sold at the dermatologist’s office, you’ll learn which ingredients to prioritize and how to use them properly. Plus, while you’re there, you can get checked for any signs of skin cancer.

3.- Hydrate
Glowing, healthy skin actually starts from the inside out. As we age, many of us tend to suffer from dry, sometimes even crinkly skin, but a lot of that can be remedied simply by drinking enough water throughout each day. If you’re not big on plain water, you can also sip on caffeine-free herbal teas and/or snack on moisture-heavy fruits and veggies like watermelon and cucumbers.

4.- Take smart supplements
Supplements can be another powerful tool for nourishing your skin. Many supplements that include things like the B-vitamin Biotin or the protein Collagen, are excellent for healing and rebuilding beautiful skin. Additionally, it’s important to get enough protein daily which can be especially challenging to get through food for women who typically it less volume than men. There are lots of wonderful plant-based and organic protein powders out there that you might consider adding to your diet.

5.- Get facials
Or do your own at home. Facials are especially effective for revealing the fresh new skin that’s developed under the older more worn skin that sits on top of it. It’s also a great opportunity to get as much moisture as possible into that fresh, new skin in order to keep it looking as beautiful and radiant as possible for as long as possible. Just be sure to keep your own skin type in mind when you select what type of facial to get and to use a licensed esthetician to perform the facial if you’re not doing it yourself.

6.- Give oil a go
Even if you’ve always had oily skin, don’t be afraid of oil! Oil is actually a solvent so if you’re prone to clogged pores or even breakouts, it could actually break up the clogs and give you clearer skin. Natural, 100 percent pure oils like olive, coconut, almond and jojoba oils can be gently massaged into the skin once or twice a week to help remove buildup and environmental pollutants while basically giving your skin a deep conditioning treatment all at the same time.

7.- Slather on sunscreen
It’s never too late to protect your skin from further damage. Wearing sunscreen daily will not only reduce your risk of skin cancer, it will also protect your skin from environmental factors that speed up and intensify the aging process.

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Now that more natural makeup look is in vogue, it becomes more important to have radiant skin. Here are a few tips to get glowing. #beauty #skincare #antiaging

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