7 Fabulous social media influencers over the age of 70

Influencers over 70?

Yes, they exist!

Sometimes, retirement is just not enough.

These seven women over 70 are proof that social media influencers are not limited to a certain age group. They all have a lot of inspiration to share.
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These days, there’s a whole set of people for whom senior status and retirement open up a whole new world of opportunities.

In the age of social media, some tech-savvy seniors have discovered that they can actually channel all that new-found spare time into a fulfilling hobby or even a lucrative career as an influencer.

There are influencers who have already celebrated a 70th birthday in nearly every niche including travel, fashion and beauty.

Not only are they embracing what was once thought to be a realm exclusively for much younger generations.

They are also providing major inspiration for millions of women and men across the globe.

Check out seven of our favorite influencers over 70 below.


Christina is a model and age-positive micro-influencer with over 1,000 followers on Instagram.

At seventy years old, she shares her journey to embrace a natural and healthful lifestyle as she ages.

She has posts on fitness, self-care and having fun, along with some truly groovy throwback pics from her modeling days.

She’s also single, a mother, a grandmother and a dog mom, all of which makes Christina that much more relatable. 


Sizzling70s is an Instagram account run by Dr. Eva Maria Chapman, with the goal of helping people over 70 feel empowered not just in their life stage, but also in their sexuality as they age.

Eva is the author of various books including a self-help book entitled Sexy at 70: A Spiritual Journey and she co-authors a blog on her long-term relationship with her partner of over 40 years.

Not only will following Sizzling70s help you feel free and flirty, but it will give a good laugh as well.


Ernestine Shepherd is 84 years old and currently holds the Guinness World Record for oldest female bodybuilder.

On Instagram, Ernestine shares plenty of post-workout selfies as well as shots from the classes she teaches at her local gym.

Her mantra, “determined, dedicated, disciplined to be fit,” is definitely one many of us can draw some motivation from.


Dr. Josefina Monasterio is a bodybuilder in her seventies. She is also a life coach and author with the goal of inspiring people to live full, healthy, active lives at any age.

She has nearly 100,000 followers on Instagram where she shares workout videos, inspirational thoughts and lots of other fun and impactful content.


Though she does not post in English, 91-year-old Moon Lin has amassed over 100,000 followers on Instagram where she first garnered attention for her love of the sort of trendy streetwear we usually see on young twenty-somethings.

She’s stylish and savvy even in her wheelchair, and we love seeing her enjoy everything from her painting hobby and shopping to visits with family and even naps.


Though still a fledgling influencer, if ever there was a lady over the age of 70 deserving of the adjective “dope,” it would be the founder of the dopemoodsover70 Instagram account.

From her natural hair to her classic and quirky style this influencer is always serving major looks.

It’s her brilliant smile and real-life anecdotes that will keep you coming back for more though.


At 74 years old, Joan MacDonald has completely turned her life around with a career as a fitness influencer.

Just a few years ago, Joan was overweight and suffering from high blood pressure, high cholesterol and acid reflux, which prompted her to commit to the total lifestyle change that garnered her Insta-famous.

Today, the super-fit senior continues to share workouts, food tips and plenty of encouragement with her followers.

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These seven women over 70 are proof that social media influencers are not limited to a certain age group. They all have a lot of inspiration to share.
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