9 Fitness influencers in their 50´s to follow on Instagram

If you´re in your fifties or even younger and looking for fitness inspiration, there are many midlife women sharing their wellness routines.
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Who doesn´t need a little inspiration to get started or to continue on their fitness and wellness journey?

Whether you´re under or over 50, seeing women in the fifth decade of life making the best of their body mind and spirit is definitely motivating.

We’ve kept the selection within the fabulous fifties, so stay tuned for our favorite influencers in their 60s, 70s and beyond.

Jennifer Fisher aka The Fit Fork

Jeniffer shares her daily workouts and runs along with healthy recipes for those who´d like to emulate her inspiring active lifestyle.

So This is Fifty – Laura 

Laura helps women over 40 navigate menopause with natural hormone balancing.

She shares her personal progress and that of her weight loss clients.

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Happy #flexfriday everyone! Wow it’s been a long time since I posted a flex! . We are headed down to San Diego for part one of my husband’s 50th birthday (yes I married someone younger than me). Then we will celebrate in #puertovallarta the following week. . Hope everyone has a great weekend and remember the weekend is a great time to enjoy with friends and family and perhaps have a flexible meal (I hate the term cheat meal…who wants to be a cheater) but not a complete weekend off track. Otherwise, you’re just spending Monday thru Friday trying to clean up the damage!. What’s on your agenda this weekend? . . . . . #flex #bicep #womenwholift #womenover50 #over50fitness #enjoylife #mexicovibes #healthcoach #sandiego #fitover50 #beproudofyou

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Anne “Freddie” Zwandig Downing, aka Embracing Your Grace

Freddie inspires by sharing her trials and tribulations in her fifties, and how she overcomes it all with grace and grit, thanks to weightlifting.

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💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼Habits are KING!!! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 . The effect of habits – good or bad – is sooooo powerful!!! Our days are made up of our habits. Some habits of some people might stick out more than the habits of others, but we allllllll have them!! And, as in any area of our lives, our level of physical fitness tells the tale of our habits. 😲🤫😆💪🏼💪🏼 . Speaking of habits….as I type this, I’m lying in bed on my day off….with my neck on ice. I fall asleep every night on an ice pack. 🙄And I wake up every morning and lay my neck on an ice pack. 🙄*That*…..is bc of a bad/repetitive habit. 🤦🏻‍♀️ And, frankly….I don’t know how to change it unless I change jobs. 🤷🏻‍♀️ So for now….I’ll add ‘ice, tiger balm, n prayer’ to my growing list of habits. ❄️🐅🙏🏼😆 #habitsareking #habits #habitsofhealth #habitsrule #fitness #fitnessgirl #fitnesshabits #gymrats #successhabits

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Strong Maria Strong

A 50+ female physique athlete who teaches people to be lean, fit and strong at any age, and stay that way.

She shares workouts, inspiration and motivation.

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Heike Yates 

Heike helps active midlife women create a life of fitness.

As a fitness, Pilates and nutrition expert with over 30 years of experience, she shares her health and fitness journey online.

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Here are 3 things that you can do TODAY to get more energized, feel happier, live simpler, and tone up. ✨⁠ ⁠ 1. Drink more water. You know this one, but just in case you were not sure how much. At least 8 BIG glasses or 16 oz per day is the general recommendation. Flavored water, herbal teas, and bubble (no not the bubbly) water is a fabulous choice. 🚰⁠ ⁠ 2. Stick to eating vegetables instead of processed carbohydrates. I understand that it might be harder right now because of all the tasty foods you ate during the holidays. But you can do it. If you fill up on healthy items you are less likely to crave unhealthy foods. 🥦⁠ ⁠ 3. Go out and move. Sunshine is gold my friend and so is movement. You can dance (hip wiggles qualify), dust off the weights you got for the holidays, or meet a friend for a walk instead of the usual wine. 💃🏻⁠ ⁠ Like a little more help or guidance, then join us for the Week Lean Out Program starting soon. https://heikeyates.clickfunnels.com/4-week-lean-out-sp ⁠ ⁠ Love your day. Heike 🧡⁠ S⁠ I⁠ M⁠ P⁠ L⁠ E⁠ R⁠ 📸 @ellelorean.co #heikeyates ⁠ #pursueyourspark ⁠ #yoursparkmentor⁠ #midlifewarrior⁠ #fitnesscoaching ⁠ #exercisetips⁠ #healthylifestyle⁠ #womensfitnesscoach⁠ #fitnesslifestyle⁠ #fitnesstipsforwomen⁠ #healthandfitnesstips⁠ #midlifefitness⁠ #fiftyandfit⁠ #midlifecoach⁠ #midlifehealth⁠ #over50fitness⁠ #fitnessover50⁠ #dailygoals⁠ #fitnesslife⁠ #beawesome⁠ #crushinggoals⁠ #positivelife⁠ #positivemindset⁠ #findyourtribeandlovethemhard⁠ #silverspringfitness⁠ #montgomerycountymd⁠

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Eneida Gonzalez-Rosa

Eneida shares online her fitness journey, admitting she is a work in progress, as we all are.

She also shares about food, wine and style, but if you need an accountability partner for your workouts, she’s there for you.

Tania Dalton

We featured Tania along with other midlife instagrammers we love, when she was in her 40’s and we’re ecstatic to include her in the 50’s fitness crowd now.

Tania is a personal trainer, a positive ageing advocate and she is co hosting a midlife health retreat in Phuket in 2020.

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A reminder that I was once very overweight, unhealthy and heading towards a life of obesity, diabetes and probably heart disease * To think that at 51, my life and health could be totally different if I hadn’t somehow managed to turn things around and change my way of living Perhaps I may not even be alive today (my dad died at 47 of a heart attack) * Now experiencing menopause, I am facing a variety of challenges where I can see that my choices could again possibly result in very different outcomes over the coming years * I am not finding this time overly easy but I am determined to educate myself and use fitness, nutrition and mindfulness practices to help myself to age in the best possible way I can 😊 * Wearing @lasculpte swimsuit (kindly gifted) I love this 50s inspired halter neck style which has ruching and mesh support in the stomach area – I think it created a gorgeous shape and is supportive but not too tight * #beautifulmidlife #lasculpte #lifebeginsat50

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Fab and Fit by Carla

We also featured Carla a couple of years ago, and she continues to inspire us all with her fitness and wellness journey in her fifties.

The Flawed Yogini

50+ Yoga teacher sharing yoga, pilates and strength training.

Created by Lorraine C. Ladish, cofounder of Viva Fifty Media.

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At 56 I know the following to be true from my experience: life can be tough, it can cause heartbreak, sadness, grief and unimaginable pain. But it can also be joyful, happy and take our breath away. This past weekend, after mourning the loss of yet another close friend to cancer, I was on a press trip. At least two times I found myself overcome by extreme gratitude and awe and wonder. One of those times I was standing on a boardwalk in the middle of a swamp. The group I was with was quiet for a few minutes, maybe seconds. I could hear the silence and it was comforting, I could feel the life of the plants, the animals, even the bugs. I could feel on my skin the mugginess, the humidity and heat I love so much in Florida. For one split second I felt “this is LIFE. I’m here. I’m here NOW.” My heart felt a surge of love and gratitude and joy. I still tear up thinking about that moment. I have no idea how or why it happened, but I will never forget the feeling. It was like everyone I’ve ever loved was there with me. When I got back home I had to take pictures for sponsored content for @lorrainecladish. And I was able to smile again, from my heart and soul. We took some yoga photos too. This is bird of paradise. It helps me feel grounded and yet reaching up for the stars. Yoga asana, as Seane Corn explains in her book “Revolution of the Soul” (which I’ve finished and absolutely LOVED reading), can ground us and help us be in the here and now so we can then go on to do the soul work. I’d love to hear about one moment when you felt BLISS. It’s the only word that comes even close to describe what I felt this weekend during those unexpected few seconds. Photo: @hightopphoto @phildiederich #birdofparadise #over50yoga #bliss

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IIf you´re in your fifties or even younger and looking for fitness inspiration, there are many midlife women sharing their wellness routines.
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