10 Midlife instagrammers we love

10 Instagram handles of midlife women we love

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Instagram is the place to be. If you are seeking inspiration in midlife, there is plenty of it on this social media platform that connects people with similar interests.

There are countless women over 40, 50 and 60 who are rocking their IG accounts.

We chose just a few to share with you, and the reasons why we love them. There are many more, so please make sure to follow hashtags like #over40 #over50 to find them.

Unfortunately we can’t fit all the fabulous women out there in one post!

Tania Dalton

Tania is a personal trainer and mom in her late forties, who enjoys sharing her workouts and her fabulous outlook on life.


Carla shares her passion for life and how your fifties can be fabulous in every way! Fitness, style, joy, she has it all.

The Ageless Rebellion

Angie Weihs is the creator of the Ageless Rebel Planner, to help women of all ages embrace their inner rebel. In her sixties, Angie shares plenty of joy and inspiration for women and shatters stereotypes.


Maritere Rodriguez-Bellas shares her life as a Latina author, wife and mom who recently turned fabulously 60.


It's a tribute to Frida Khalo @weallgrowsummit @hotelmaya #WeAllGrow #alasparavolar

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Tonya Parker

You can find her online as @therealchiclife. She radiates good vibes and vibrant style.

Laura Carbonell

A bilingual and bicultural teacher in her fifties, sharing her journey through her smartphone lens.


#vacation #nofilter #sarasotaevenings #happyplace

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Hillary B is a model in her fifties whose silver tresses will blow you away. She shares her fitness journey along with her modeling career.


Anita Irlen shares her passion for slow fashion (the rhyme is unintentional!) in the streets of New York.


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Colleen´s world

Coleen O’Donelly is a makeup junkie in her fifties who shares her look of the day and how she achieved it. She is very engaged with her community of followers.

Lorraine C. Ladish

Lorraine is the founder of Viva Fifty! She shares daily inspiration as an entrepreneur, mom and yogini in her fifties.

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When we think of Instagram, teens and millennials come to mind, but not all influencers are super young. Here are 10 midlife instagrammers we can´t get enough of. #midlife #instagrammers #over40 #over50
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