6 Informative websites for midlife women

6 Websites for midlife women

No matter your age, sometimes knowing that there are other people out in the world experiencing the same things that you are can be a huge comfort.

Whether you’re in need of encouragement, beauty tips, health advice or any anything else, you can  often find exactly what you’re looking for online.

But you need to know where to look, because otherwise there is simply so much out there to sift through that you may give up altogether.

These six websites are geared toward midlife women and are great resources on any number of topics and interests:


Midlife Boulevard is a one-stop shop for tips and advice on a variety of lifestyle topics from travel to technology, all with a focus on making these things easier and more enjoyable for midlife women.


Poised Magazine covers topics relevant to strong, smart and powerful African American women who happen to be older than 40.

The site focuses on lifestyle and empowerment, but also covers news.

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6 Websites for midlife women


Better After 50 is all about you!

The site features “real women sharing real stories,” that motivate, inspire, encourage and connect women who have crossed the threshold of 50 and are looking for more.


Rocking Over 40 is a site that encourages women to embrace their age and maintain their passion for life and living it fully both professionally and personally.

All this, despite existing in a society that seems to value women less and judge them more as they age.

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Next Avenue was launched five years ago as a site dedicated to empowering older citizens through media.

The site is run by a group of savvy journalists who create and curate content tailored to readers who have reached midlife, including everything from current events to lifestyle tips.


Fashion and beauty is one area where midlife women are sorely under-represented both in the media and at the mall.

Chic at Any Age was created specifically to help women grow gracefully in those areas as they age and to continue to live stylishly and fashionably at any age.

These six websites are geared toward midlife women and are great resources on any number of topics and interests. #midlife #over40 #over50 #women #blogs
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