8 Inspiring influencers in their 60´s to follow on Instagram

Influencers over 60 are just as inspiring, if not more so, than their younger counterparts. Here are some of our favorite instagrammers in their sixties.
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Being over 60 doesn´t mean that we become invisible. To prove that turning sixty is not only to be celebrated, but a source of inspiration for other women, we´ve compiled this roundup.

We made sure that it was listed somewhere in their profile or feed that they are between 60 and 70, as we plan to do another roundup of fabulous women in their 70s.

These women are all in their 60s at the time of writing, and inspire us for different reasons.

They are listed in a random order and, as far as we´re concerned, they´re all number one!

You may find them all on Instagram, sharing the joys and sorrows of their current decade.

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Influencers over 60 are just as inspiring, if not more so, than their younger counterparts. Here are some of our favorite instagrammers in their sixties.
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Kathy Smith

Just as fit and fabulous as ever, Kathy Smith continues her career as a fitness icon.

From making exercise videos to DVDs and now sharing her expertise online, she has kept up with the times.

Kathy has cartloads of fitness and wellness tips for women of all ages.

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Sundance 2020 has officially arrived in Park City, and the festival kicked off with Crip Camp, a documentary produced by Barack and Michelle Obama. And, Taylor Swift premiered her documentary, Miss Americana. This is one of my favorite weeks of the year… I have friends who are joining me, and the town is buzzing. I need all the energy I can get this week, since a typical day includes running nonstop from films to panel discussions to fueling up with food and of course, finding a few minutes throughout the day to fit in some movement. . Have you heard of “movement snacking?” Because that’s what I’m doing….it’s breaking up your movement into brief, “snack-sized” portions. Research shows that breaking up your day with small bursts of nutritious movement can reduce your risk of early death by up to 35% . Remember…movement is cumulative! Those short times you spend moving throughout the day add up to big results! So, start to change the way you think about movement and don’t make the mistake of thinking that only long-duration workouts matter. . Try this 10-min HIIT routine that can fit into even the busiest schedule. This workout is convenient because it utilizes simple movements done quickly and with purpose. Just be sure not to sacrifice proper form! Each motion is done rapidly, focusing on speed, form, and technique…followed by an active recovery period. *LINK IN BIO* . That’s right… In less time than it takes to make your morning smoothie, you can surge fresh oxygen through your body and brain, build and shape muscle and rev your metabolism.

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Janie Medley

Janie is a fashion and lifestyle blogger just kicking off her sixties with a bang.

Her striking style photos are motivational and inspiring.

And if you follow her blog, you´ll find more inspo on not settling at any age.

Antonella Ziliani

Based in Milán, Antonella shares her passion for style, makeup and beauty.

She also inspires with her workout pictures and travel photos.

Colleen Saidman Yee

Every year on her birthday, Colleen posts a photo in a bikini.

Of course, she keeps doing it in her sixties.

She inspires us to continue practicing yoga, wearing our hair long and facing an empty nest with grace.

Also, her marriage to Rodney Yee embodies relationship goals.

Mari Tere Bellas

Mari Tere is a Latina author and speaker.

She´s passionate about raising bilingual children, which is also the title of one of her books.

Her smile and joie de vivre are contagious.

Follow Phyllis

Phyllis is a health and fitness coach sharing about nutrition, fitness and motivation.

She even took us on the journey of her hip replacements and recovery.

Quite the inspiration.

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💥 LITTLE CHANGES MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE 💥 : ∙ Less 🍬, More 🍎 Less 🥤, More 💧 Less 🚗, More 🏃🏼‍♀️ Less 😨, More 😴 Less 🗣, More 🏋🏼‍♀️ ∙ 💥 Check Out My Blog Posts For Motivation 💥: FIVE WAYS TO FALL INTO HEALTHIER HABITS THIS AUTUMN FOR WOMEN OVER 60 ( https://followphyllis.com/five-ways-to-fall-into-healthier-habits-this-autumn-for-women-over-60/ ) 7 SNEAKY WAYS TO GET EXERCISE INTO YOUR DAY (https://followphyllis.com/7-ways-to-get-exerecise-into-your-day/ ) 💥 What small change can u make today to make your health a priority??? • • #over60influencer #over60bodybuilding #thisis68 #agelessbeauty #agepositive #aginggracefully #over60plus #50plusandfabulous #over50andfabulous #over60andfabulous #bestager #proager #instagramover50 #instagramover60 #womenwhoweightlift #foreverfierce #midlifeblogger #workforitdontwishforit #loveyourself #50andfit #bodypositivepower #dontgiveuponyou #strongandfit #staymotivated💪 #keeptrying #bubbe #nevergivingup #oldbutstrong

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Walker J Thornton

This quote from her website sums up Walker´s take on aging: “I believe we are obligated to no one in how we age, how we show up, or how we present ourselves to the world.”

She shares suggestions for tapping into sexual desire which, she assures us, doesn´t wane with age.

Walker is an author, speaker and life coach.

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Trying to capture the moment with a photo isn’t always easy. (and what I’ve shared is only one half of the story—and not the night I was so set on trying to have “proof”, if you will) One of you moves, or the light is bad, or you get so focused on trying to capture the essence of your feelings in a photo—like if the photo isn’t great then the moment didn’t happen. And what I realize is that the feelings of lightness and smiles, budding love, and comfort in each other’s presence isn’t something you can always fit into the camera’s lens. The memory is what sustains us and that we don’t forget. #pleasure #thisis64 #relationships #capturethemoment #musings #agingunapologetically

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Robin Lamonte

Based in Atlanta, Robin shares about fashion, wellness, travel and home.

She is also the founder of Influencers of Midlife, a social media conference for midlife creatives.

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It’s all in the details💙 #ad 💙The embroidery and top stitching on this @soft_surroundings topper is a wonderful addition to your spring wardrobe. Check out the back of the topper 👉 💙 I am wearing 2 necklaces and statement earrings also from Soft Surroundings to go with the denim shirt. I like layers of necklaces when I think one isn’t enough for the outfit. 💙This topper is perfect to wear with jeans or over a column of one color . 💙It can also be worn as a beach cover up if you are planning a trip to somewhere sunny and warm for vacation. #livesoft #softsurroundings #bluetuesday . . . . . . You can instantly shop my looks by following me HELLO I’M 50ish on the LIKEtoKNOW.it shopping app or shop my link in the bio 👆 http://liketk.it/2Kd0P @liketoknow.it #liketkit #LTKunder100 #LTKspring #LTKstyletip #embroideredjacket #itsallinthedetails 📸 @jennallenphoto

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Influencers over 60 are just as inspiring, if not more so, than their younger counterparts. Here are some of our favorite instagrammers in their sixties.

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