Perfumes that make you feel young

Perfumes that make you feel young

Perfumes can enhance our personality. Soft, sweet and fresh scents make us feel and appear more attractive, even younger.

But the key here is soft because strong perfumes tend to remind us of old people. The best way to use perfume is to be subtle.

According to an article by  J M Boyce and G R Shone in PMC, US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health “The sense of smell is often taken for granted, that is until it deteriorates. As we get older, our olfactory function declines.”

This would explain why older people seem to wear strong perfumes. They believe they are just spritzing a bit when in fact they are bathing in it. And far from adding a beautiful scent, they tend to scare people away.

Perfumes can enhance our personality

But the practice of dousing ourselves with perfume is not reserved for the elderly. Many young people also do this, thinking that a lot of a good thing is better.

Nothing could be further from the truth. One must handle their use of perfume with care.

We all know perfumes can enhance our personality. Soft, sweet, fresh scents are better that strong overpowering ones.

When you get used to a scent, you may no longer notice it but others will, so keep this in mind if you are accustomed to using the same perfume all the time.

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Perfumes that make you feel young

Every season has it’s own fresh scents. Here here are the winners of the pack, soft, fresh, dreamy and subtle perfumes you can wear during the year.

And remember, soft, light perfumes are enchanting and alluring. They graciously add to your personality without actually distracting from it. Be careful not to over do it.

Dolce y Gabbana Floral Drops.

Crisp scent of dawn with Neroli leaves, white amaryllis and white flowers that leave a trail triggering memories of wellbeing.

Modern Muse Le Rouge.

Rich roses, ripe fruit and velvet crème accord make up this intriguing mix of fresh flowers and fruit.

A distinct yet natural scent that inspires happy memories.

Clinique Happy Heart

The warmth of a happy heart with water hyacinth, mandarin and blond wood. This scent is so happy you must try it.

It will change your mood instantly as well as of those around you!

Chloe My Little Roses

Graceful, light, luminous, delicate, feminine—a subtle mix of fresh florals with bergamot, damascena, magnolia and a soft touch of white musk and amber.

Bulgary Green Tea

Delicate, lively and relaxing scent of green tea mixed with citrus.

Discreet and with a balance of other notes: Italian bergamot, Tunisian bitter orange, Spanish orange blossom, ceylon cardamom, Jamaican pepper, Russian coriander, Bulgarian rose, Egyptian jasmine, green tea and smoked wood.

Hermès Jardin de Monsieur Li

Very soft and warm garden scent, reminiscent of Chinese gardens. Elegant and enchanting.

Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Florale

A floral and tangy universe featuring notes of mandarin, orange, lily, orange blossom, rose and wood.

This fragrance evokes femininity, fresh delicateness, serenity, and summer radiance.

Gucci Flora by Gucci – Generous Violet

The warm and subtle notes of violets, oris and suede come together to make this scent unique, soft, supple, fresh and sensual.

A woody floral that will blend well with the freshness and newness of summer.

Could you add other perfumes that may awaken a sensuous freshness without being overpowering?

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