5 Inspirational African American women to follow on Instagram

Instagram is fun, right? But it can often seem like the domain of the ultra-young. All of the adorably fit and fun and quirky–or totally conventional–influencers sometimes seem to give a sense of sameness and exclusivity that a lot of us just can’t relate to in real life. But there are actually a bunch of women of color who are either deep into midlife or on the brink of it that are making a name for themselves on Instagram, and serving up tons of inspo for those of us interested in content that’s a bit more mature. Keep reading to learn more about five African-American Instagram influencers that are challenging the standard.

5 Inspirational African American women to follow on Instagram
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Angela Davis, @thekitchenista. Angela Davis is a self-taught cook, blogger, photographer and mother of two who carved out a space for herself in the food blogosphere back in 2012 and has turned her hobby into a successful career. We love that Angela doesn’t limit herself to one particular type of cuisine–she explores cuisines from all over America and the world and tries out lots of techniques and methods to make food both more interesting and more approachable. Be prepared to drool!

Michaela Angela Davis, @michaelaangelad. Michaela Angela Davis isn’t just a body positivity advocate, she’s an image activist with a goal of helping women of color accept and appreciate themselves. A seasoned professional, Michaela previously worked as the Executive Fashion, Beauty & Culture Editor at Essence, the Fashion Director at Vibe and the Editor-in-Chief at Honey. Her Insta is jam-packed with inspiring and empowering content including snaps of events she hosts and attends, gorgeous works of art and even fashion and beauty tips for women of color.

Angelique Miles, @angeliquemiles. Angelique Miles reinvented herself as an Instagram fitspo influencer after being laid off from her incredibly successful job as a record-label executive. First of all, Angelique literally looks at least 10 years younger than she is, but that’s probably mostly genetics. Even more impressive is her sheer determination and love for a challenge. While the photos of Angelique’s incredible over-50 physique are inspo enough, she also shares a lot of more practical details of her training programs.

Evelyn TK, @fashionistaover40. I cannot even with the incredible seemingly effortless style of Evelyn of Fashionista Over 40. Evelyn is a Bronx-born Puerto Rican Afro-Latina who after 17 years as a stay-at-home mom launched her love of fashion into a midlife career. She now has a successful fashion blog where she shows off her unique, elegant and bold style choices. Of course, she shares even more of her day-to-day looks—including buying details–on her Instagram page

Adrienne Norris, @adriennebanfieldnorris. Mother of the one-and-only Jada Pinkett Smith, Adrienne Norris has used her own journey as a former heroin-addict and mother to a bonafide Hollywood celebrity to inspire thousands and thousands of women across the country. Adrienne currently co-hosts the show Red Table Talk with her daughter Jada and granddaughter Willow Smith on Facebook Watch where they share candid, honest conversations with the public. But let’s be honest, we all first noticed Adrienne when that photo of her and her incredible abs at the beach surfaced. On her Instagram, you’ll find a bit of both–fitspo to get you moving and inspo to nourish your whole soul.

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There are a bunch of women of color who are either deep into midlife or on the brink of it that are making a name for themselves on Instagram, and serving up tons of inspo. #instagrammers #midlife #africanamerican #woc #inspiration

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