9 Ways to be youthful at any age

9 Ways to feel youthful at any age


I believe the secret to living a healthier and more satisfying life is feeling youthful, no matter what your age is. I meet women who at 30 look defeated and bitter, and those who at 60, crow’s feet, fine lines and all, exude life and energy. Which of the two looks and feels more youthful? Whom would you prefer to hang out with? To give you a better idea of what I’m aiming for with this post, visualize some synonyms of youthful: spry, sprightly, vigorous and active. It’s not about trying to look younger, but about enjoying life. Here are some ways to stay limber of mind, body and soul, no matter your age.

1.- Practice good posture
Nothing is more ageing than slouching. Bad posture is not a result of ageing. It happens because of lack of exercise and body-awareness. Stand tall at all times and you will look and feel better for your entire life.

2.- Move as much as you can
Even if you don’t go to the gym every day, make sure you stay active regularly. A little bit of exercise every week for a lifetime will keep you limber. Going all out in your youth and becoming a couch potato when you’re older puts you on the fast track to ageing.

3.- Get plenty of shuteye
We wear working hard and sleeping little as badges of honor. But sleep is the time during which the body repairs, so make sure you get at least 8 hours straight and if you can’t, then take naps, meditate or relax at regular intervals. I don’t think I would feel so good if I didn’t get enough sleep.

4.- Find reasons to laugh
No matter what obstacles you´ve had to face in life, a good attitude helps overcome the next ones and be open to new relationships and connections. I know beautiful women with pleasant demeanours who’ve gone through the unthinkable, such as the loss of a child. And I also know women embittered by divorce or poor career decisions who look defeated in their forties. Don’t take yourself too seriously!

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9 Ways to feel youthful at any age


5.- Dress for your shape and size
Despite the flak middle aged women get for sharing clothes with their teen daughters, I believe you can actually pull that off! Not by wearing a T-shirt that shows your midriff when you really should be wearing a girdle, but by developing your own sense of style that is ageless. Dress for your shape and size, not for your age.

6.- Take care of your hair
I love my long hair. On the other hand, I have a friend who sports a pixie cut that she got in her mid 40´s after having three kiddos. Don’t be coerced into a hairstyle that isn’t for you—a good hairstyle should make you look and feel confident and youthful.

7.- Use makeup to your advantage
Under-eye concealer, a good CC cream, smudged eyeliner, mascara, lip-gloss and cream blush are enough to make anyone look refreshed but not overdone. The key is for your skin to look dewy and for your eyes to look rested. Stay away from dark lip colors and powdery foundation.

8.- Have friends of all ages
Don’t lose touch with the younger generations, or you run the risk of dating yourself in more than one way. Of course you are older and hopefully wiser, but try not to lose the sense of wonder and hope you had when you were young. Also seek out those older than you. They will help you realize how much more of life is ahead of you and how young you really are.

9.- Pursue your dreams
If you continue to pursue your dreams for life, you will always look and feel youthful. Nurture your passion and that will keep you alive until your last breath. I will never forget how my grandfather would write poetry, paint and sculpt, until the day he died. I hope to follow in his footsteps.

Lorraine C. Ladish

Bilingual and bicultural Latina editor, writer, speaker, online influencer and mom. Founder of Viva Fifty! Published author of 18 books. Her forthcoming title Your Best Age will be released by HarperCollins in September of 2017.