8 Tips for healthy aging at any age!

So, it’s not news that we’re all aging, right?

You got that memo? Good.

We’re all getting older all the time, of course, but there are a few among us who seem to be doing so more gracefully than others.

Instead of getting jealous of their glowing skin and lack of crow’s feet (crows’ feet?), we decided to dive in to the concept of healthy aging.

Now, you might be thinking, what the heck is healthy aging and how would it differ from aging unhealthfully?

I was thinking the same thing because aging is aging, right?


There are lots of things you can start today that slow down the aging process to keep you healthier and happier later into life.

Why delay the inevitable? Why slow the aging process down at all if it has to happen sooner or later?

Why fight it?

Healthy aging means you’ll not only live longer, you’ll live better. You’ll find yourself with more zest and energy to do the things you love to do.

You’ll be less plagued with the physical, emotional and financial strain of illness and you’ll lessen that burden on your loved ones as well. Sound good? Want to get started?


Here are some easy tips on aging healthfully.

1.- Don’t smoke

Is that one a given? We hope so.

If you’re currently smoking, quit. Really, if you only do one thing on this list, this is the thing to do.

2.- Move your body

Regular exercise is pivotal to looking and feeling great as you age.

Your back will be way less likely to hurt and you’ll be at a lower risk of having brittle bones as you get older if you use your body for what it was made for (walking, lifting heavy things, stretching) for 20-30 minutes every day.

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Physical and emotional benefits of exercise after 50

3.- Drink… a little

Research goes back and forth on whether or not alcohol consumption is actually something we should be doing, but we prefer to look at it from a multi-faceted perspective.

A couple of drinks per week mean you’ll reap the health benefits of alcohol (go for red wine or good beer) plus the emotional benefits as well.

From socialization with loved ones over a glass of wine to stress relief with a beer after a long week at work, a little goes a long way.

4.- Work… less

You won’t regret the time you didn’t spend at the office when you’re old and frail.

Reduce your stress levels by spending less time at work and more time with the people you love and you’ll not only age at a slower pace but you’ll enjoy life that much more.

5.- Stay connected

No, we don´t mean connected to the Internet!

If you’ve moved away from family and friends or if they’ve moved away from you, work consistently to keep those relationships alive and well.

A social, emotional support system it integral to our mental and physical health.

6.- Eat well

Enjoy the foods you love, whatever they may be, with a focus on healthy, wholesome foods made from basic ingredients. Ignore fad and extreme diets.

7.- Go to the doctor

You should know your basic statistics when it comes to your health.

Blood pressure okay? Cholesterol and blood sugar levels within a healthy range? Have you had the dreaded colonoscopy yet?

Get yourself checked out on a regular basis to make sure everything is functioning optimally and you haven’t missed a dangerous sign of something brewing.

8.- Get happy

Laugh, love, live… a lot.

You’re never too old to pursue a passion or find a new purpose in life.

Take up painting, watch funny movies, get on the floor with your grandchildren.

Find joy and meaning in each and every day and you’ll live a longer, more lovely life now and forever.

Amanda Edwards

Amanda Edwards is a counselor, writer and speaker committed to addressing the mental health needs of mothers and families with grace, humor and unrelenting passion. She writes for her personal blog at Mother of Ambition and various online media outlets.

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