Summer style: choosing the right frames for you

Summer is a great time to choose new frames for your glasses. They’ll help you get a new outlook on life as days get longer and you spend more time outdoors.

If you need prescription eyewear, then you need to take more factors into consideration when choosing frames than simply the shape of your face.

Because you will need to wear your glasses daily, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself before settling for that pair you love.

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1.- What kind of prescription do you have?

Are you near-sighted, far-sighted, do you need progressive lenses? If it’s the latter, I can tell you from experience that larger frames are a better choice.

If you need single vision glasses, then you can get away with nearly any size.

2.- What is your lifestyle?

Are you a runner, a tennis player, a bookworm, do you work on a computer all day? All of the above?

You wouldn’t wear your running shoes to a cocktail event, right?

So when choosing frames, make sure they can go from day to night seamlessly. Classic frames work well for everyday glasses.

3.- What is your personality?

Decades ago, glasses were merely functional—something we needed so we could see better. Now they’ve become just another fashionable accessory.

They help you make a statement about your personality and style. Have you heard of Fashion Glasses? They have no prescription and are used just as you would a necklace or a bracelet.

How do you want to come across? Daring, fun-loving, serious, elegant, funky? Pick out the frames accordingly.

4.- What’s your budget?

If your budget only allows for only one pair of glasses, then choose a style that can be worn anywhere without raising eyebrows.

If you can buy two or even three frames, then choose one for work, another that is sexy or funky for evening wear, and a third pair for outdoors and sports.

5.- What is the size and shape of your face?

The narrower your face, the smaller the frames should be relative to that.

However, because a real fashionista will wear what suits her taste, she will choose frames based on her initial reaction.

If it’s not an “Oooooh, yes!!!!” when you see yourself in them, it’s a “No!!” no matter what anyone else says!

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Choosing the right frames for you is not only about the shape of your face. You also need to consider your lifestyle, personality and budget. #style #frames #glasses 
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