Sports prescription glasses you can buy online

I now need glasses for everything, near, far and in between, after a lifetime of 20/20 vision.

If I’m not wearing glasses in photos, I have multifocal contacts on, or I could just not see!

Sports prescription glasses you can buy online

Custom prescription sunglasses

I received these great glasses to review from They specialize in custom prescription sunglasses and even snow goggles, for athletes that practice almost every sport.

I perused their website and chose this frame, the Roxy Eva, in Tortoise.

These are progressive lenses so I can see close up and far, and they also go from clear to dark in the sun.

They do turn darker in the car, while driving, although not completely dark, which is to be expected.

I´m saying this because I often hear people complaining that lenses that darken in the sun don´t do so while driving. My experience says otherwise.

They do take the edge off the glare and if you follow me on Instagram, you will see that some of my glasses are tinted when I´m doing my IG story videos in the car!

How to buy prescription glasses online

I sent SportsRx my prescription via email and I measured my own pupillary distance, since most in-person opticians won’t do that unless you purchase your glasses from them.

I actually had my daughters help me with that!

You can also do it by looking in the mirror and marking where your pupils are on your glasses with a wax crayon, and then measuring the distance between them with a ruler (usually in millimeters).  

When I first received the glasses and put them on I felt they were perfect for far away (driving, running, walking, going to the beach), but I had a bit of a hard time with close vision and I had no mid-range vision.

Watch video: How to get used to wearing progressive glasses

Sports prescription glasses you can buy online

The SportRx optician explained to me that because they are more idealized for sport, they err on the side of lower when determining segment placement for multifocal lenses.

The reason for that is so that the wearer will not have to ever deal with the reading area being in the way while they are active.

I wore them for a bit and decided to send them back for a higher segment placement, which is what I’m used to.

This was easily done by once again marking on the lens where my pupils are.

The sports optician redid the lenses, raising the segment placement (remember this is only applicable if you need bifocal or trifocal glasses, otherwise you are fine!).

The perfect glasses for sports and driving

I would still not wear them 24/7  in lieu of my everyday glasses, which have the highest segment placement possible (at my request).

But they are definitely perfect for outdoor activities, sports and driving. And yes, even for yoga! I’ve actually worn them to the yoga studio too.

With the new higher segment placement I can see the car dashboard, which is pretty important, and also my phone if I need to check it.

Sports prescription glasses you can buy online

I love the funky Roxy Eva frame I chose, but there are many more. I was doubting between this frame and more of a sunglasses look but I truly love their funky color.

You can choose yours by sport, by style, by frame, by brand, and be sure that all your questions and concerns will be addressed by a professional.

You can also simply give them a call, do a live chat or send an email to discuss your wants and needs.

My experience ordering these sports prescription glasses and even having them redone was seamless, the service was fabulous and the product, excellent.

I absolutely recommend SportsRx to anyone wanting to order sports prescription glasses online!

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