4 Fall activities I enjoy outdoors

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For me, fall is a season filled with anticipation. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up.

Fall is an exciting time

I feel I have until end of December to accomplish a few goals I still haven’t met. I also start putting together my list of goals for the next year. It’s an exciting time.

The hot muggy weather is behind us and I can work outdoors again without being eaten alive by mosquitoes or passing out from the heat.

4 Fall activities I enjoy outdoors

I love the turning leaves of fall as much as I love my Transitions® lenses. But because I live in Florida I don’t get to see fall colors too often.

I guess I will have to settle with my lenses changing color when I step outdoors.

Those of you who enjoy the seasons, please soak up this fabulous spectacle of ochre, orange and brown colors for me!

Fall activities I enjoy outdoors

Here are some other fall sights I enjoy with my fabulous SEE glasses with Transitions® lenses, that always filter just the right amount of light, no matter what prescription you have and where you are, indoors or outdoors.

4 Fall activities I enjoy outdoors

My three kids are starting to play sports again. Now that it’s cooler out, all three of them enjoy skateboarding.

Our small and quiet street comes alive during the fall as all the kids bring out their wheels. Mine have set up a rail and ramps to street skate.

My stepson enjoys recording it all with his video recorder. Other days we go to the skatepark, and I work on my computer while the kids do their thing on the ramps and drops.

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4 Fall activities I enjoy outdoors

My poor dog Toby doesn’t get out much in the summer. He’s a rescue dog I got three years ago, and he’s one more member of the family.

I let him out and play with him in the backyard, sure. But I reserve long walks in the park or along the street for the milder weather.

Pets can get heat stroke pretty fast if they overexert themselves under the summer sun.

He’s really active, so when I take him for a stroll he wears a special harness so that he won’t be able to drag me along if he bolts after a squirrel.

4 Fall activities I enjoy outdoors

Every autumn I take the kids, who are now teens and tweens, to check out the pumpkin patches that pop up everywhere before Halloween.

I find it endearing that they’re still excited about going out as a family to choose a pumpkin or two and come home to carve it.

They still want to go trick-or-treating and they’re already planning their costumes.

Even when I wasn’t yet a mom I would choose and carve a pumpkin for myself, as it brought fond memories of my childhood.

I’d love to know what your favorite fall activities are, and whether you’ve already requested your free pair of Transitions trial decals to test the technology over your own prescription glasses.

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