3 Advantages of TV on demand and live streaming

3 Advantages of TV on demand and live streaming

Gone are the days when you had to wait for a specific time to watch a TV show, or even a movie on the small screen. We had to rush to get home in time of our favorite sit-com or documentary. Not anymore! There are many advantages to being able to choose when and how to watch TV. With TV Everywhere, by Frontier Communications, you can livestream from any mobile device at any time.

So what are the advantages of doing this?

3 Advantages of TV on demand and live streaming

1.- It helps you manage your time.- By choosing when and how to stream your favorite TV shows or movies, by browsing listings on the go, you can set the time and place that is best for you to watch them!

2.- You can watch on the go.- Whether you´re in a doctor´s waiting room or at the airport, if you have a mobile device, a wi-fi or cellular data connection and earbuds, you´re ready to go. You can catch up on the latest show everyone´s talking about.

3.- You can entertain the kids.- Ok, fine, we all know that it´s best to curtail the time kids spend in front of a screen. But there is a time and place for everything and sometimes mom just needs a break. You can browse kid-friendly listings and let them enjoy their fave shows in a pinch.

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3 Advantages of TV on demand and live streaming

Frontier offers the MLB Network but also a lot of other channels and services, via FIOS ® TV, Vantage ™ TV, DISH ® TV, and FREEDOMTV ™. FrontierTV Everywhere allows you to watch TV on your computer, tablet or smartphone, so you can programs on the go! You can also download popular shows from the mobile library to watch later on your device.

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3 Advantages of TV on demand and live streaming

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