Benefits of falling in love with a 50+ woman

Benefits of falling in love with a 50+ woman

Advertising and marketing campaigns use young and supple bodies and faces to sell their products.

Even when promoting anti-aging products, the model’s complexion is so smooth that I feel like crying out of sheer jealousy.

Then there are those uber slender models promoting weight-loss products.

I can imagine them disappearing in thin air if they were to lose any more weight.

Even here on Viva Fifty! it’s hard to find stock photography of 50+ women that portrays us as the diverse looking group that we are.

A 50+ woman has many advantages when it comes to love

But a great thing is that once a woman turns 50, she has the wisdom to enjoy the coming years no matter what she looks like.

Menopause is not the end of womanhood either, on the contrary. So bring it on, I say.


I’m here to tell you that falling in love with a 50+ woman has many benefits. Some are crystal clear, others are not so obvious.

Would you like to know why you should start targeting more seasoned women even if you currently only have eyes for younger ladies?

Read my list below and get ready to pursue older love interests.

If you are a female, share this with your male friends, and let’s see if together we can’t break the stereotype of older men pursuing the young.

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Benefits of falling in love with a 50+ woman

Why older women make better partners:

• An older woman who’s a mom is usually done with child-rearing.

Her kids are either teens, young adults or she may even be an empty nester.

Her life is most likely organized in such a way that she has free time and independence. She doesn’t expect you to father her children.

She is looking for a partner, not for a surrogate dad.

• At 50+ most women are at the peak of their career. They are financially independent.

This means she usually has the time and energy for a new relationship.

• The risk of pregnancy is small.

Once menopause symptoms are under control, or menopause is over, a 50+ woman feels free to enjoy sex like never before.

She also has a lot of experience behind her and is less inhibited.

Are you sure you want to miss out on that?

• 50+ women may not have perfect bodies, taut skin or a perfectly flat belly.

Their life history has shaped every one of their curves, lines and wrinkles. That life map also brings with it greater confidence.

They know who they are and what they want. And there is nothing sexier than a woman who is comfortable in her own skin.

• If you enjoy good conversation, whether about politics, culture or anything else, 50+ women have lived long enough to reminisce of the past and discuss  current events.

• They know how to give a man pleasure.

They’ve experimented quite a lot.

They won’t be taken aback by an outrageous sexual proposal.

They also won’t expect you to do it all in bed.

They know how to be a lady in the boardroom—and act like a hooker in the bedroom.

• They are 50+ but they aren’t old ladies.

They are very likely in shape and enjoying sports. Take her on a hike, a game of golf or surfing.

• A 50+ woman is more empathetic.

She’s been through enough that she’s developed a good sense of empathy, understanding and tenderness that younger women lack.

She will listen to you patiently and of course expect the same from you. She’s more adventurous than you may think.

She knows life is too short not to enjoy the here and now.

• If you are also a seasoned gentleman, a woman your age won’t think you are too old for certain things.

She will be more forgiving of your flaws and will see in you the young man you once were and also the experience life has given you.

If she falls in love with you, she will appreciate what she has and work towards keeping it.

• Older women love themselves the way they are.

And in the same way they take you at face value. They are not seeking perfection, they know that is impossible to find.

They are eager to give and receive and know that falling in love is a partnership.



Besides all of those reasons, 50+ women couldn’t care less about what others think.

They are interesting and fun to be with.

If you allow yourself to envision the beauty of an older woman, and see past her fine lines and focus instead on the intensity and sparkle of her gaze, I assure you that you will be well-equipped to write your own list of benefits to falling in love with a 50+ woman.

Veronique De Miguel

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