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Let´s put an end to the aging wars!

Let´s Put an End to the Aging Wars!

We´ve heard about and even experienced the mommy wars, the career women vs. homemakers wars, the slim-versus-plus-sized wars, the journalists versus bloggers wars ……


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Why I Wish My Doctor Didn't Know My Age

Why I Wish Doctors Didn’t Know My Age

Pimples, blackheads, restlessness, listlessness are associated with youth, mainly with younger people, teenagers chiefly. A slow gait, gray hair, shaky hands, forgetfulness, deafness, for…


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My daughter's first dance #Blogust

My daughter’s first dance

[This post is my contribution to Blogust ’14—Shot@Life’s month-long campaign in August to provide vaccinations for children in need around the world. The theme is:…


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Botanic Organic Beauty Review

Botanic Organic Beauty Review

I am over 50 and just a handful of birthdays shy of 60 however; my skin still has issues with occasional acne. I am…