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Anima a tus hijos a leer con Tumblebooks

Anima a tus hijos a leer con TumbleBooks

Me hizo muchísima ilusión poder participar en la campaña de AT&T Latino U-verse grabando un video sobre TumbleBooks. Mi hija pequeña, Alexia, conocía la aplicación…

Journaling for self-discovery

Writing as therapy in midlife

These days, with the advent of self-publishing, you see a lot of people putting out books. Everyone’s a writer. And this should be an…


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The next best thing to a bidet

The next best thing to a bidet

Having grown up in Europe, I was used to taking care of my lady parts in a bidet. It’s a wonderful invention, designed to…


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Journaling for self-discovery

Journaling for self-discovery

There was a moment in my in life when, buried in hardship, all I could do was cry, kneeling at the foot of my bed, wondering…


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Dressing your age over 50

Dressing your age over 50

There is no such thing as dressing your age over 50. When it comes to age-appropriate clothes anything goes. That is, as long as…