My secret to traveling with confidence

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Are you gearing up for some exciting holiday travel? I confess that the hardest part of traveling for me is packing!

I don´t want to take too many things but I also want to avoid finding out at my destination that I forgot something important.

A packing list for every trip

I get around this by keeping a series of master packing lists. Then, depending on what kind of travel I´m prepping for, I pull up the pertaining document in my laptop and adapt it to the trip at hand.

The master lists I keep are divided into: short trips, long trips, conferences, family travel, plane and car trips.

Every list however, has the same essentials that never change:

How I travel with confidence
I always pack the same essentials. – Photo: Phillippe Diederich
  • Yoga travel mat
  • Dirty clothes bag
  • Journal
  • Eye mask and earplugs
  • Comfy socks

I´ve shared before that I´m one out of three women who experience bladder leaks, which really isn´t a big deal as long as I´m always prepared for them.

So, no matter whether I´m going on a long or short trip, I wear the right protection, like Always Discreet underwear or pantyliners.

My tips to travel with confidence
I fit it all in my small carry on for short trips. – Photo: Phillippe Diederich

Bladder leaks while traveling

I know that almost half of women with sensitive bladders feel older than they really are, and so by prepping ahead of time, I just don´t let that be me!

I also don´t wonder whether I will be able to stop the car in time for a pee break during a road trip and I don´t mind if I get an aisle seat or not on a plane.

I hope that if your sensitive bladder is affecting your confidence and even your desire to travel, I can inspire you to pack Always Discreet liners or pads and enjoy your holidays without a care.

The great thing about the liners is that you can carry as many or as few as you need, in your luggage or in your purse, and know you´ll be fine all the way. 

Liners are perfect for light leakage.

If you know you will not have access to a bathroom for a long time or have heavier leakage and require super absorbent protection, then Always Discreet Boutique Underwear is the way to go. 

My tips to travel with confidence
I´m ready for this holiday´s travel! Are you? – Photo: Phillippe Diederich

My tips to make list-making and packing easier

  • Divide items into categories: toiletries, medication, loungewear, daywear, underwear, accessories, shoes and electronics (for example).
  • List events or activities for each trip and then pick your clothes accordingly: cocktail party, morning run, sight-seeing. See whether some garments can double up.
  • Always list items down to the smallest detail if you´re afraid of forgetting something. I always make a note of my phone charger, extra phone battery and also adapters if I´m traveling abroad.
  • Invest in a travel capsule wardrobe of wrinkle-free clothes and use these when you can only take a carry-on.
  • When traveling to cold climates, layering will help you stay warm without the bulk.
  • Wear the right protection for bladder leaks, like Always Discreet pantyliners, or pads, which don´t take up much room and provide excellent absorption.

I hope my tips will help and that you thoroughly enjoy your travels! I also encourage you to visit to learn more!

#AD If you´re gearing up for holiday travel, I hope my tips to make list-making and packing easier will help you enjoy your trip! Always Discreet is one of my travel essentials to manage bladder leaks. Read about it in my blog post! #incontinence #bladderleaks #health #midlife
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