My dream kitchen has GE Premium Finish Options appliances

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I´m sure I spend more time in the kitchen than the average man. I love cooking.

It helps me unwind after a long day teaching at the university. Sometimes, while dinner is in the oven, I work on a chapter of my next book.

My office is on the other end of the kitchen, so it´s easy for me to combine being a chef with my writing life.

My wife, also a writer, doesn´t cook so much, although she will hang out with me while I do, and helps me prep the food.

We kind of fell into this routine four years ago, when she got an intense gig that didn´t allow her nearly any free time for a few months.

I love cooking and new kitchen appliances

And now, here we are. I´m still the one shopping for groceries and cooking.

My dream kitchen has GE Premium Finish Options appliances

I´m also the kind of guy who gets excited about new kitchen appliances. I chose and bought our latest washer and dryer, and now I´m in the market for a new refrigerator.

The latest GE Premium Finish Options line

It´s not a purchase I take lightly, and I don´t only consider the specs of the appliances. Take the latest GE Premium Finish Options line.

It gives shoppers the ability to design a unique kitchen package suited to personal needs and style.

I particularly love the Black Stainless Finish for the following reasons:

  • It has a bold and sophisticated appearance
  • The High-gloss finish makes a statement in any kitchen
  • It´s fingerprint resistant and easy to maintain and clean

I mean, if I´m sitting at my office right next to the kitchen, I´d much rather see black stainless appliances that make a statement.

This line by GE combines a glossy, bold black hue and the contemporary brushed metal appearance of stainless steel.

Black Stainless adds sleekness and originality. It wipes clean in seconds, remaining free from smudges, but full of character.

Thank goodness my wife likes them too!

Check the GE Premium Finish Options line for yourself!

Phillippe Diederich

Phillippe Diederich is a bilingual author and photographer born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Mexico City and Miami. His photography has appeared in The New York Times, Time magazine, U.S. News and World Report and other national publications. Phillippe's novels Sofrito and Playing for the Devil's Fire are both published by Cinco Puntos Press. He is the recipient of a PEN/Phyllis Naylor Working Writer Fellowship and the Editor-in-Chief of Viva Fifty!

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