4 Luxurious fragrances for ageless women

4 Luxurious fragrances for ageless women

While fragrance is a very personal choice, I find that the older I get, the more I seek fragrances that help me feel pampered and cared for.

I have my go-tos for daytime, but sometimes I want to be enveloped in a luxurious and refined perfume, whether I´m attending a special event or simply need a confidence booster.  

I hope that you will enjoy these suggestions that to me, do just that: they all embody luxury, refinement, grace and self-love.

Narciso Poudré

It rarely happens for me, but as soon as I spritzed this scent on my wrist at #WeAllGrowSummit I felt pampered, luscious and oh-so-caressed by it.

The musk notes make it warm and sensual without being overbearing. The vetiver adds a light touch.

I am going to be wearing it a lot!

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4 Luxurious fragrances for ageless women

Emozione Dolce Fiore by Ferragamo

Ah, once again I felt transported to a world of luxurious abandon by the powdery notes and musky undertones.

The floral tones are perfect for spring.

A beautiful design in an easy-to-carry bottle makes it even more appealing.

Le Parfum Rose Couture by Ellie Saab

White flowers and rose petals welcome spring in a fragrance that brings to mind lace dresses, wedding receptions and fine dining while watching the sunset on the water.

For hopeless romantics who feel renewed in the spring.

4 Luxurious fragrances for ageless women

Modern Muse Le Rouge, by Estée Lauder

This perfume recreates glamour, sophistication, large dark cateye frames, red lips and red roses.

Bulgarian rose, vetiver and magnolia are some of the notes that make this a perfect fragrance for spring.

What are your go-to perfumes? What words do you want a fragrance to evoke?

If you try any of my suggestions, please let me know how you enjoyed them!

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