Keep these things in mind when getting a tattoo at an older age

No matter your age, getting a tattoo is a very personal decision.

Whether it’s something you’ve wanted to do your entire life but never got around to, or something you’ve just started to consider, it’s a decision that should be completely and fully your own.

And no, age shouldn’t be a factor.

Sure, there may be a few different things to consider now than when you were younger, but if the idea of a tattoo makes your soul happy, then you should totally go for it!

Keep reading to find out a few things you should consider and plan for before going under the needle.

Considerations when getting a tattoo at an older age
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Listen to your heart

As an older adult, you have the benefit of knowing yourself well and being able to fully discern whether the lifelong commitment of a tattoo is the right decision for you, probably more so than your younger counterparts.

If your heart is saying yes, you can probably trust it.

Besides, you’ve lived long enough to know what you like and what’s important to you, so it’s highly unlikely you would choose a tattoo design that you’ll regret down the line.

You likely have more freedom now

Now that you’re older, we bet you’re a lot less concerned about the opinions of family members and friends than you once might have been.

Plus, tattoos are likely much more widely accepted than they were in your youth.

According to a 2017 survey, about 40 percent of adults in America have at least one tattoo — so you won’t have to worry as much about any stigma that may have stopped you from getting tatted sooner.

Oh, and you’re also more likely to have a solid reputation in an established career so something like a tattoo likely won’t have much, if any, effect on that area of your life.

If you’re healthy, the risk is no higher

While many things in life become more risky as you age, the general consensus regarding tattoos is that barring any pre-existing health issues, the risk is no higher for older adults than it is for anyone else.

Of course, if you have any conditions that slow healing like diabetes or you are taking blood thinners, etc. you may want to check with your doctor first.

But keep in mind that some physicians may inject their personal opinions into their advice, so be sure to sort it from fact.

Think about placement

Placement is always a key factor in the tattooing process, but if you’re a bit older, you may already have some wrinkles and loose skin that you want to avoid tattooing for aesthetic reasons.

Talk with your tattoo artist about areas on the body that may take longer to show signs of aging and will hold up a bit better over time.

You might even consider seeking out a tattoo artist that has experience tattooing older skin or perhaps is older herself so that she can tell you firsthand what you might expect.

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Getting a tattoo is a very personal decision at any age, but having new ink when you’re older has its own special considerations. #tattoos #midlife #over50 #over40

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