Grandma To-Be Showers, A Growing Trend?

There are bridal showers and baby showers, bachelorette parties, wedding receptions and more. But, have you heard of the latest trend? Grandma to-be showers!

Let’s celebrate the new status!

And for good reason: if we grandmas are going to be babysitting our wonderful grandkids while our children juggle career and family life, we’re going to need some new baby gear.

That was the theme of a party my friends and I recently threw for our dear friend Sharon! We all had a grand time.

Grandma to-be showers, a growing trend.

Years ago, couples married and had kids early in life, so there were plenty of young grandmothers around, who often passed on their own baby gear to their children.

But with people waiting longer to tie the knot and even longer to have a baby, that has changed.

Sharon’s only son is in his mid-thirties. Any baby equipment she’s ever owned has been donated or disposed of long ago.

Even if she still had it, her daughter-in-law would probably pass on it, since it may not comply with modern safety standards.

Although Sharon is perfectly capable of going out and buying the baby gear herself, the female need to get together and party to celebrate a friend’s significant life event kicked in, and we threw a party for her!

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Grandma to-be showers, a growing trend
Our cake for Sharon! © Carol Dundas

Throw a grandma-to-be shower

The premise of a ‘grandma to-be shower’ is the same as a baby shower. Friends brought gifts that would help get Sharon’s home ready for the baby.

We didn’t make a gift registry like in baby showers, but we did ask the guests to bring a baby-related gift for the grandma-to-be.

Baby proofing grandma’s home is a biggie, so good gifts were door latches for cabinets, outlet covers, stuffed animals and burp cloths.

We kept the grandma shower low-key so as not to overshadow the mom-to-be, who is doing the hardest work of all by carrying and giving birth to that baby!

It was more like a cocktail party with a cake, gifts and even a tiara for Sharon!

More and more older couples are setting up rooms for their grandchildren so when the new parents come for a visit, they don’t have to schlep along tons of baby gear.

Financially, our age group is better off than our parents were. We can afford to set up a nursery! And furthermore, we want to.

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Sharon, who finds joy in life like no one else can, loved celebrating her new status. We toasted with good wine, opened gifts, and celebrated another historical marker in our lifelong friendship.

If you have a good friend who is going to be a grandmother soon, consider throwing a grandma-to-be shower. It will be the perfect chance to celebrate yet another bundle of joy in her life.

Carol Dundas

Carol Dundas is happily retired and has reimagined herself as a prolific writer. She enjoys sharing her views on midlife relationships and the experience of being an empty-nester. She can be spotted driving her brand new car and using her AARP discount to fix the occasional fender bender.

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