5 Reasons to really appreciate grandparents

5 Reasons to really appreciate grandparents

Becoming a grandparent has to be one of the best feelings in the world, right after being a parent. You get to enjoy the fun stuff without having to deal with the day-to-day stress. From taking the kids on the weekends to sending them right back home when they’re just starting to get fussy, there’s a whole slew of perks to being the parent of their parent.

From time to time, however, grandparents can feel a little under-appreciated and worn out from their role as free babysitter and mender of socks extraordinaire. Today, to give them a boost and show our appreciation, here are five reasons why they rock.

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1.- They’re great babysitters, but comfy enough to lay down the law. Most babysitters let the kids run pretty wild. As a parent you´re never quite sure of what you´re coming home to and, quite often, you wonder what the heck you´re paying the sitters for. Grandparents often have a close enough relationship to both the kids and the parents that they’re comfortable enforcing rules and expectations (even dishing out some discipline) when necessary.

2.- Grandparents are great storytellers and have loads to share. They’re often able to teach moral and ethical lessons through real life stories. And the grandkids listen to them better than they do their parents so you may as well take advantage! Just be sure to pour some hot cocoa in a couple of mugs before they get talkin’.

3.- When their own kids need help, they´re there. They tell us it’s pretty amazing to watch their child become a parent. But since they´ve been down that road before us, they´re usually eager to support. Whether it’s advice on when to start solid food for the baby or punishment for the teen who’s broken curfew yet again, they might just have the answer we need to hear. We´ve so often dismissed their advice when we were younger …

4.- Grandparents have awesome stuff. They may have kept a great deal of toys, books and puzzles from when their own kids were young. This means their grandchildren see their houses like this cozy vintage toy store. Even if they’ve purged the goods from the attic, we’re betting they’ve got some nifty pens and paper, old videos or books from the ‘good old days’ they’re willing to share with the kids.

5.- They’ve been there, done that, and aren’t easily flustered. Perhaps the best part of being a grandparent and a reason they’re so great is that they’ve already been through the trials and tribulations of raising children. They’re much more patient and calm than when they were just parents. They know what to expect and what to ignore when it comes to behavior, medical concerns and so much more. Grandparents are often able to keep a level head when everyone around them is running amok.

What’s your favorite part of having a grandparent or even being a grandparent? If you’re not there yet, what are you looking forward to?

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