5 Easy ways to stay in touch with family

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These days, with so many devices, social media sites and apps, it seems it would be easy to stay in touch with family. But that’s not always the case. At least when it comes to the simplest act of all: picking up the phone and calling. The fact is, we lead increasingly busy lives. And all the social media distracts us from just connecting, from speaking to one another—especially our family‚ by phone. The funny thing is, it’s easier and cheaper to call and talk to our family members than ever before. Following are some ways we can stay in touch with extended family regularly. Especially those of us whose loved ones are scattered all over the globe.

5 Easy ways to stay in touch with family

  • One way to stay in touch with family is to have a landline. This way children can easily call their grandparents or cousins who live far away.
  • Make a habit of calling parents or grandparents every weekend. Involve the kids and put that telephone on speakerphone so everyone can partake in the conversation.
  • Have the children call their uncles or aunts and ask them for recipes, homework help, or just to invite them over for dinner or a treat.
  • Make it a habit to call the family whenever you experience a milestone, like receiving an award or promotion, or when your child loses her first tooth. Remember, it’s the little things that count.
  • Nothing beats person to person conversations. Actually dialing a phone number is a great way to keep the bonds of family—especially when you live far away.

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5 Easy ways to stay in touch with family

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