6 Movies to enjoy on demand this summer

6 Movies to enjoy on demand this summer

It’s one thing to sit in front of the TV and see what’s on and go with it. It’s another experience to scroll through a variety of options of video on demand and decide what movie to watch as a family. If your household has trouble coming to a decision as to what movie to enjoy together, why not shortlist a few titles and then toss a coin to decide which one to play tonight. Another huge advantage of the video on demand service is that every family member can make his or her own playlists too. There is a movie for everyone.

6 Movies to enjoy on demand this summer

Here are six movies you could enjoy on demand this summer. We’d love to know which other ones you would add to the list.

Batman Vs. Superman, Dawn of Justice.- This is a PG-13 rated action movie. Save it for a really hot evening or a lazy Sunday, since it’s two and a half hours long. Starring Ben Affleck, it also includes icons like Diane Lane, Jeremy Irons and Holly Hunter. The younger crowd will enjoy Jesse Eisenberg of Now You See Me fame.

Miles Ahead.- A must-see for fans of Miles Davis. A labor of love by Don Cheadle, who scripted and acted in this R-rated story of the musician’s life and music. Also stars Ewan McGregor as Dave Braden.

Kung Fu Panda 3.- Who can resist Jack Black as the voice of Po the Panda? Or Dustin Hoffman as his Kung-Fu instructor? This G-rated movie for all ages is perfect for the entire family. An hour and a half of entertainment for any day.

The Allegiant.- Another movie in the Divergent series, it will especially appeal to teens. PG-13 rated, it continues the story of Tris and Four. They must go beyond the wall that circles the city, and see what is really happening in the world outside it.

By The Sea.- If you’ve recently read about Angelina Jolie’s and Brad Pitt’s separation on tabloids, this is what they are referring to. They both star in this R-rated drama in which a couple is forced to face it’s unresolved issues when they meet newlyweds at a resort by the sea.

Green Room.- Only for horror lovers! R-rated. After being witness to a horrific crime, a punk-rock band embarks on a life or death quest to break free from the owner of the club where it happened. Fans of Patrick Stewart will not be disappointed.

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6 Movies to enjoy on demand this summer

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