10 Things women say & what they really mean

If you’re a man trying to understand the meaning of some common things women say, we’re decoding them here, so you can have a better relationship, no matter what your age.

10 Things women say & what they really mean

1.- I´m not upset! – Unfortunately, if your lady says nothing is wrong when she is slamming cabinet doors and looking upset, it means quite the contrary. Something is up, and you need to deal with it, right away.

2.- Ok, fine! – When a woman says this during an argument, she is not really agreeing with you. She is simply letting you know she is ending the spat, and that she thinks she is right.

3.- Go right ahead – If she says this after you´ve asked her whether it´s ok for you to go on a weekend with just the guys, know that she will not be happy when you get back. She is not really giving you permission, but letting you know she won´t try to stop you either.

4.- Whatever! – This is code language for “screw you,” when she is really not up to dragging on the argument. She thinks you don´t get it, don´t get her and never will, so what´s the point.

5.- That´s ok! – It depends on how she says it. The tone of her voice and her body language will give you a clue as to how honest these words are. If she is holding you in her arms, while saying this, you´re fine, but if she looks away or walks out of the room, you are in the doghouse.

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10 Things women say & what they really mean

6.- I really don´t need anything – Variations of this could be “I have everything I want,” “all I want is you,” and the like, when you ask her what she wants for her birthday, anniversary, Mother´s day or Christmas. She is secretly hoping you will talk to her best friend or her sister, figure out what she wants and actually pony up the money for it!

7.- I´ll be ready in a minute – This could mean that she is about to jump into the shower and, when she steps out, blow-dry her hair, put on a full face of makeup, choose jewelry that matches her clothes and spritz on cologne. Make sure you understand exactly at what stage of “getting ready” she´s at.

8.- Does this make me look fat? – She simply wants to know she looks beautiful to you. Why women continue to ask this question may seem a mystery to men, but, bombarded by media that tells us we need to be lithe and tall to look pretty, it´s a small wonder. Always, no matter what, say NO! Tell her she looks just fine, and say it with feeling! Wrap your arms around her waist and say: “Do I really need to tell you how sexy you are?” You´ll avoid an argument and she´ll be a happy camper.

9.- This old thing? I´ve had it forever! – When you ask her about what looks like a new dress, shoes, or purse … She bought it behind your back, a couple months ago, threw the price tag in the garbage and finally mustered the courage to wear it for the first time.

10.- I´ll just have a salad – She really wants to eat a burger, but is afraid that you´ll think she´s a glutton. Women have not yet figured out that men like women who enjoy a good meal sans guilt.

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