How to break in your fashion combat boots

I’ve always loved fashion combat boots and lace-ups. Because I live in Florida, I’m more used to wearing flip-flops and wedge sandals.

I own cowboy boots and UGG boots, which come in handy during the few cold days we have here.

However, recently I walked into a store and found a great pair of Steve Madden fashion combat boots on sale and I succumbed.

I tried them on and after some deliberation, I sized up.

Once at home, initially super happy with my purchase, I felt I may have made a mistake!

After wearing the boots around the house for a bit and for a quick run to the grocery store, I was sure I would end up with blisters and that they would take forever to break in.

Next to my comfy boots, these felt like torture after a short while. I researched online and most of the tips I found were for real military combat boots.

I wasn’t going to risk ruining my fashion boots by soaking them in water, putting them in the freezer or filling them with wet paper, so this is what I did instead, and I’ve been able to wear them day in, day out, without a problem.

1.- I rubbed the inside with alcohol.-

These boots are made of leather, and I remembered how my grandmother would rub the insides of our leather boots and shoes with alcohol when we were kids.

She claimed this softened the leather and helped avoid blisters. I did it twice inside each boot, until they felt soaked in alcohol.

I insisted on the areas where I felt a bit of pressure: heels and sides (I have bunions!).

2.- I stepped on the heels.-

I picked up this tip from an article on GQ magazine. It worked and it was easy.

I did it several times over the course of a few hours after I’d done the alcohol-rubbing bit.

The heels felt oh so much softer compared to when I first tried on the boots.

3.- I bought a pair of boot socks.-

I bought myself a pair of military boot socks. They worked out perfectly!

They provided cushioning exactly where I needed it: toes and heels. They also helped stretch the boot a bit.

After a couple of hours, I wondered whether the boots now fit too snugly and switched to a regular pair of socks and I felt the boots were too loose. The socks are great!

4.- I adjusted the laces.-

These boots have a side zipper, which is super convenient. But I realized that I could adjust the laces to each foot individually for the utmost comfort.

One of my feet is bigger and wider than the other, so I made sure that when I adjusted the laces, the fit was perfect on each foot, even if they looked slightly different.

5.- I wore the boots in increments.-

I wore them around the house first, then out for errands, and then for a couple of hours and increased that over the span of three days.

I did not get blisters and the boots now feel like I’ve owned them for a long time.

The post contains affiliate links inserted mindfully and hoping they help! Enjoy your boots!

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If you’ve recently purchased some stylish combat boots and want to break them in in record time, here’s how! #style #fashion #shoes #boots

Lorraine C. Ladish

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