Embracing change with Frontier Communications

Embracing change with Frontier communications

Starting April 1st, Frontier Communications took over Verizon services in California, Texas and Florida. As Florida residents, we are familiar with Verizon, especially their FiOs® network and wondered about this switch. All it means is that if you previously had Verizon Internet, TV or Voice service–including FiOS®–it is now being provided by Frontier Communications.

Change is not easy, it hardly ever is. But really, if you can count on one thing in life, it´s definitely change! Being open-minded and adaptable is an asset in this fast-paced world.

If you are one of the customers that is being affected by this switchover, we know you have questions, probably lots. To answer them, we´re going to share six things about Frontier Communications, and also some tips to embrace change of any kind in your life.

Embracing change with Frontier Communications

1.- About Frontier Communications
Frontier Communications is an S&P 500 company and is on the list of Fortune 1000 of America’s largest corporations. The telecommunication giant offers all kinds of telecommunication products and services like high-speed internet broadband, advanced voice products, satellite video and personal online and data security solutions. They offer services to a mix of suburban, small and medium size towns and rural areas across the U.S.

2.- Areas of the U.S. experiencing the switch
Customers in California, Texas and Florida have already experienced the switch from Verizon to Frontier.

3.- Answers to frequently asked questions
You may go to MeetFrontier.com and learn everything about the crossover from Verizon. You can find links to FAQs, and even user guides to ensure that you get the most out of your new service provider.

4.- Contacting Frontier Communications
You can chat live, or call customer service via the phone numbers on their website.

5.- Some things won´t change and others will
While your services and fees will not change, your streaming apps which you access via a Verizon ID will need a new Frontier ID, which you will need in order to access any premium channels you subscribe to through your Verizon service.

6.- Frontier Communications on social media
If you are one of Frontier´s new clients, you can keep up with their updates and communicate via social media.

Embracing change with Frontier Communications

5 Tips to embrace change of any kind:

  1. Think of other changes you´ve experienced in life before. Jot down how you felt about that change at first, and ways in which it turned out to be a good thing down the road.
  2. Be aware of how you are feeling about the current change. Breathe deeply and accept those feelings, then let them go.
  3. Avoid comparing the new with the old. Most of the time change is for the better. But at first it can be daunting and scary. Trying to hold on to what we know is a coping mechanism that keeps us from moving forward.
  4. Realize that change is inevitable. It is an indication that we are alive, and that life is happening.
  5. Do something new, a little different, every day. Maybe it´s switching up your morning routine, taking a different route to work. It will help you realize change can be stimulating.

How do you cope with change? We want to know!

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