Marie Hell: Timeless style basics for ageless women

Timeless style for ageless women
This is the Marie Hell Tied dress in black © Viva Fifty Media

Timeless style basics like Marie Hell´s are my best friends.

I´m on a perpetual quest to declutter my life. From getting rid of items I no longer use to saying no to anything that isn´t a “hell yeah!”

Although I love fashion—especially accessories, I share a rather small closet with my husband. This means I have WAY fewer clothes than your average fashionista.

I tend to own basics that I dress up or down

I wear them over and over again for years. One of my favorite dresses that I save for special events is a black ankle-length, body skimming simple outfit in jersey that I´ve owned for 22 years. Yes: Twenty. Two. Years.

And it looks and feels just like the first time I wore it. I, on the other hand, have aged a bit. But the dress fits the same at 52 as it did when I was 30. Thank you, shapewear!

So how can I pull off reusing this same old thing? I own more scarves and shawls than tops. And I also own a lot of costume and silver jewelry.

Switch accessories and shoes and you have an entirely new look with the same basic dress.

Marie Hell timeless style basics

I was recently offered to review samples of the Marie Hell line of clothing, and when I checked out their website, it was definitely a “hell, yeah!” 

The philosophy of the brand and the style was a perfect fit for me and Viva Fifty.

Marie Hell has just a handful of basics in four colors (black, grey, white and off white), all of them in two lengths – tunic and dress – and in a wide array of sizes.

They all have the same fit from the armhole down, which is not clingy, not oversized, but just right.

I had a hard time choosing one style, but I settled for the Reveal tunic in grey. They also sent me the Tied dress in black, which was a nice surprise.

The quality and finish are superb and I foresee wearing these for years to come.

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I was curious to see how I could switch up the look of both garments by playing around with my accessories: shoes, hats, jewelry … and well, here is the result.

I´m sure I’ll come up with more possibilities as I take these outfits on the road.

If you travel for business or pleasure, these guys don´t wrinkle in your suitcase (a huge plus) and the jersey is wearable year-round. I live in Florida, so this is really great.

Click on the photo gallery to see the slideshow Styling Marie Hell Tied Dress:

One of the advantages of owning basics is that it frees my mind to think of other things instead of what I´m going to wear.

And it’s a definite win-win to know I can pack just a few basics and get tons of mileage out of them without filling up my suitcase.

These outfits can go from the beach to an evening out on the town. Just switch out your flip-flops for flats or wedges and you´re good to go.

They are also extremely comfortable because they don´t ride up, tug or pinch.

Click on the photo gallery to see the slideshow Styling Marie Hell Reveal tunic:

I would love to know what you think of basics, especially if you´re in midlife and beyond… How would you style these dresses?

I already have my eye on the Flaunt tunic. Which is your favorite?

Shop Official Marie Hell Site: dresses, tunics, leggings, and more!

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