Every mom should know these two lifesaving steps

Every mom should know these two lifesaving steps

Mothers will always impart their wisdom and give their children the life skills they need, no matter how old their kids are and much to their chagrin.

Hands-Only CPR

Take, for example, Hands-Only CPR. More than 350,000 cardiac arrests happen outside the hospital annually with just a 10 percent survival rate.

Latinos are 30 percent less likely to have bystander CPR performed on them in a cardiac emergency, contributing to higher fatalities among this population.

Moms can watch and learn the two simple steps of Hands-Only CPR from a new Spanish/English video produced by the American Heart Association in conjunction with Anthem Foundation.

In the video, teenage siblings teach the skill to their mother, who typically is the one reminding the kids of her smarts.

CPR can double or even triple the chances of survival if provided immediately. So, please take 90 seconds to learn a skill that may make the difference for somebody you love.

To learn more about Hands-Only CPR, visit heart.org/handsonlycpr (English) or heart.org/rcp (Spanish).  

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This is a guest post courtesy of the American Heart Association.

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