Dating a 50+ Woman? Read this First!

If you are thinking of getting back into dating in midlife and beyond, there are a few things you should consider when dating a 50+ woman.

Tips to date a 50+ woman

She’s probably rather old-fashioned
While you’re both living in the present, certain old-fashioned values are expected. Your must treat her like a lady, don’t rush physical affection, and take the initiative.  A gentleman is always preferred.

50+ Women live in the present
It’s a fact, you both have lots of life experience, so don’t get caught up in the “remember when” game, focus on today. Get to know the woman she is now, not the woman she once was. Don’t dwell on negative issues, but don’t shy away from sharing pertinent knowledge either. Avoid bitterness, pity parties and sob stories. What is she currently thankful for? What brings her joy? Adult children are often a consideration when dating in your senior years. They may very well have strong opinions about their mother’s dating life, and often voice them, so it’s always best to respect her desires regarding her children. Honor her first as a woman, then as a mother.

She’s established
This really applies to both 50+ men and women. Change is not inevitable. Certain habits and routines are firmly established. In your first few dates with a senior woman, find ways to share your own quirks, preferences and non-negotiables. You’re looking for someone who is compatible with you, not for someone who merely exhibits “potential” or who validates you. Definitely do not seek to change her or expect the possibility of major life adjustments. If your dream is to retire by the beach, bring this up early; she may very well have firm plans of her own.


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